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The most comfortable, ergonomic throttle with precision control that is also soft to the touch. 

Dyol's unique design sets new standards for quality, comfort, control, and safety.

The New Standard For Comfort & Control

Dyol Throttle
  • How Dyol Works

    0.8-4.5 v

    Single Voltage

    0.8-2.5 v


    2.5-4.2 v


    Our Dyol device is designed to output at 0.8V to 4.2V range. However, our custom sensor allows for voltages beyond this range while enabling the controller to check the voltage status. If the voltage falls outside the 0.8V to 4.2V range, it will trigger an error, causing the throttle value to be ignored.

  • Dyol is a device that combines acceleration and regenerative braking in one, offering better control and granularity over acceleration and deceleration. This results in a more natural and intuitive riding experience, which enhances rider confidence and safety. It is easy and safe to operate Dyol on any e-mobility device. Additionally, Dyol's patent wheel technology helps prevent the "whiskey throttle effect" commonly observed with thumb, trigger, and twist throttles. Dyol is initially configured for acceleration only (left), but for e-mobility devices designed for regenerative braking, it can be easily adjusted to control both acceleration and braking.

  • Dyol Durability

    Dyol is water and weather resistant with an IP-65 rating. Built in an aluminum casing with a no-moving-parts hall sensor, it resists vibration and requires no maintenance.

  • Dyol will work with any electric device with a handlebar, using a standard +5DCV voltage input for throttle only. When used for to control regenerative braking, both the motor and the controller need to be capable of regenerative braking.  Most controllers needs to be set up to receive a single voltage to control both acceleration and regenerative braking. Often, this needs to be done from the factory, or it may require changing the controller. Many controllers are capable of regenerative braking, but you would need to have enough access to the controller software to make it work. 


    Here is a list of few companies with controllers and/or motors that will work with Dyol to control both acceleration and regenerative braking.

    Dyol Compatable Motors and Controllers
    Dyol Compatable Motors and Controllers
    Dyol Compatable Motors and Controllers
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