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Throttle Wire Guide.png

Throttle Only Output

Yellow Wire  
Acceleration (Throttle)  0.8v – 4.2v


Red Wire

Throttle & Regen Output

White Wire
Regenerative Braking  0.8v - 2.5v
Acceleration (Throttle)  2.5v - 4.2v 


Black Wire

Dyol can be setup to rotate in one direction when used for throttle only using the yellow wire, or rotate bi-directional for both throttle & regen control using the white wire.


Simply swap the 2 smaller hex head screws located on the bottom to make the adjustment.

(See image)


Use the yellow wire when setup for one directional rotation & the white wire for bi-directional rotation.

Controllers & Motors

Dyol will work with any electric device with a handlebar, using a standard +5DCV voltage input for throttle only. When used for to control regenerative braking, both the motor and the controller need to be capable of regenerative braking.  Most controllers needs to be set up to receive a single voltage to control both acceleration and regenerative braking. Often, this needs to be done from the factory, or it may require changing the controller. Many controllers are capable of regenerative braking, but you would need to have enough access to the controller software to make it work. 


Below are a list of few companies with controllers and/or motors that will work with Dyol to control both acceleration and regenerative braking.

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