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Learn About The    +Dyol- Difference

+DYOL- In Your Ride

Precision Control


Regenerative Braking

Ready To                        In Your Ride?



We understand the need for durability. Made with military grade aluminum DYOL is built to last through every adventure

Regenerative Braking

Get a little extra battery just by riding. Sliding right on the DYOL will brake for you while generating power at the same time. 


Our Bi-directional throttle is controlled by rolling inward to accelerate and outward to decelerate. Allowing you to maintain a comfortable position with more control.

Perfect for electric scooters

Precision Control

With a dynamic input system making it so whether accelerating or decelerating you maintain complete control with almost no need for braking.

Dyol fits comfortably on handlebars with no brake interference, allowing a full grip with the least amount of hand fatigue. The commercial grade, soft to the touch, rubber mold makes it easy to control both acceleration and regeneration in a fluid motion.


Using your throttle with the new inMotion RS, fantastic. Wire colors even match up btw making for a very simple job


We demo the Dyol throttle some of our dealers and clients at Eurobike went over super well especially the ease with which it will integrate with our existing controller Platform.

Great Job!

Carla Boudrero

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