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Electric engines equipped with regenerative capabilities have the potential to reach places that traditional combustion engines cannot, thereby opening up a new realm of user control.


Dyol's bi-directional throttle harnesses these regenerative capabilities by enabling the control of acceleration and deceleration in a single device.

A New Throttle For A New Age.

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Electric Scooter

Our Journey

Dyol originated in Utah with a simple vision of creating a better quality throttle. After purchasing several electric mobility devices, including e-bikes and e-scooters, that all had cheap plastic thumb, trigger, or twist throttles, it became apparent that there was a need for a high-quality non-plastic throttle. When we couldn't find one in the market, we decided to design it ourselves.

Our first priority was to design a throttle made of high-quality aluminum, instead of cheap plastic. We then focused on safety concerns, such as how to prevent the common "whiskey throttle" scenario in which a user panics and can't release the throttle control. Additionally, we wanted to make sure that the throttle was easy to use and didn't cause hand fatigue. To address these issues, we developed the wheel throttle design, which not only solved the safety concerns but also allowed us to take advantage of the regenerative braking capabilities that were already available. As a result, Dyol's patented bi-directional wheel was developed.

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